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Extreme Weather Event Electrical Power Risk Mitigation for Homeowners

Read how Barry Allen thinks that the future of risk mitigation on the power grid lies in IoT and AI technology. See full article at:

Extreme Weather Risk Mitigation for British Columbia Homeowners
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The path to DER in BC will require a significant system-wide re-engineering effort. BC power utilities transmission / distribution systems have good protection for their 500+ kV transmission system but virtually no protection for the low-voltage distribution lines that carry power to the point of consumption. Current grid monitoring will detect and protect against overcurrent at a substation. The challenge as more DERs are added to the distribution lines is the DERs will provide fault current so that local failures are masked from the existing grid fault detection system. This is where emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be leveraged. Low cost highly redundant IoT-enabled remote sensors detecting faults and fault precursors combined with the power of a predictive maintenance AI engine will enable a highly reliable and safe distributed grid and facilitate a world where the majority of power for residential use is economically generated right at the point of consumption.

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