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CRWN Features

Using the sound generated from electrical discharge, CRWN can detect, localize and categorize different types of anomalies in real time.  This allows for data driven decision making which reduces liability, increases uptime and increases the efficiency of transmission lines.

CRWN Features Gradient-22.png

Full Length Monitoring

Cost effective sensor design to ensure that significant lengths of transmission lines  and their respective assets can be monitored.

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Artificial Intelligence

Continuously improving classifications & accuracy through deep learning & AI.

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Real Time Data

Updating asset manager, in real time, about real problems without having to step foot into the field.

CRWN Features Gradient-19.png


Pinpointing exactly which power line asset is experiencing anomalies.

CRWN Features Gradient-17.png


Built to withstand the elements.

CRWN Features Gradient-21.png

Off the Grid Communication

Works where the most remote assets exist, with minimal connectivity.

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